Kayaking in Hawaii

My family and I have been spending spring breaks in Hawaii the last couple years.  Last year we stayed in Paia, Maui which was amazing.  This year we decided to mix it up and spend our spring break in Poipu, Kauai.  Being as I own an inflatable kayak business, I planned to take  a Nyce Nugget inflatable kayak with us on our trip. 

nyce nugget drop sticked kayak

The Nugget weighs 22lbs and rolls up nicely.  A perfect size and weight to fit into a suit case.  I was able to fit the kayak, a Werner Rio 4-Piece kayak paddle, and a life jacket into the suitcase with room and weight to spare.  The goal was to take the kayak on the Hanalei river and to surf waves in Hanalei Bay.  I didn't end up kayaking the Hanalei River, but I did get to surf waves.  Below are a couple pictures of me paddling Hanalei Bay.  


kayak surfing with a Nyce Nugget in Hanalei Bay


The Nyce Nugget was also great for cruising around snorkeling spots and reef protected waters.  The kids has a blast in the boat, kayak exploring the reef looking for fish and turtles.  Below is a picture of my daughter kayaking a reef protected beach near Poipu.



Although the original intent of the Nyce Inflatable kayak products is for whitewater kayaking, they are versatile boats, and are a great addition to beach vacations.

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