Nyce Kayaks, based in Golden Colorado

From the beginning, our mission has been to challenge the cookie-cutter inflatable kayak (IK) offered by leading brands in the rafting industry. IKs on the market simply feel like an accessory for raft owners. Innovation is minimal. Navigating from one website to the next, you’ll find the same templated inflatable kayak. Nyce Kayaks is bringing the inflatable kayak front-and-center, giving it the attention it desperately needs.

Our kayaks have been on multi-day family trips and through class IV and V whitewater around the country – from the Numbers and Royal Gorge in Colorado, to Westwater Canyon in Utah; the Upper Gauley River in West Virginia, to the Stanislaus in California. Join our steadily growing community of Nyce enthusiasts -- professional whitewater photographers, local whitewater inflatable clubs, and river guides -- all stoked on the innovation and design of Nyce. We invite you to join them and rig up for a multi-day outing on our expedition-ready kayaks.


Mark and Gareth from Nyce Kayaks out of Golden Colorado