What is the best inflatable kayak for a heavy person?

What is the best inflatable kayak for heavy person?  With a max weight capacity of 500lbs, the Nyce Haul inflatable kayak is the perfect inflatable kayak for a larger person.  The Nyce Haul has a length of 11' 2", giving plenty of room for a very tall person to stretch out their legs and not feel confined.  Not only is the Nyce Haul a great boat for a larger paddler, the Haul is also the best 2 person inflatable kayak.  It can comfortably seat 2 average sized paddlers.

The Nyce Ride is another great option for a larger paddler, but has a lower max weight capacity of 350 pounds compared to the Hauls 500lb max and a shorter length of 8' 10".  



Nyce Haul Inflatable Kayak



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