Why should I buy an inflatable kayak from Nyce Kayaks?

You should buy from us if you are looking for a stable whitewater inflatable kayak.  Our whitewater inflatable kayaks have over sized tubes, perfect for stability in big whitewater, or hauling tons of gear on multi day river floats. Our kayak design and large tube size mean less time swimming and more time paddling.  
Nyce Ride Inflatable kayak
You should buy from us if you value great customer serviceWe pride ourselves on having happy customers and are always available for answering questions about your inflatable kayak purchase from us.       
Nyce Ride Light Grey Clear Creek Colorado Kayaking Double Knife Rapid
You should buy from us if you want the piece of mind of a long product warranty.  We have a 6 year warranty on all our inflatable kayaks. Have peace of mind that the inflatable kayak you bought from us will last.  We have a quality product that we have no problem standing behind with a very long, 6 year warranty.

If you are still on the fence and live close to Golden Colorado, contact us to set up a free demo to see if a Nyce Kayak is right for you.

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